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Rug edging and Non-Slip solutions

A professional weekly overlocking service for edging cut length runners and carpet squares, is also available.








Plus! Carpet Factory has a huge range of pre-overlocked rugs and runners to choose from.




Carpet factory also stocks the best and cheapest Solution for preventing rugs slipping around on hard timber, tile or vinyl floors.










We also have the ultimate Non-Slip rug underlay to prevent rugs from bunching on top of carpet.

 The our non-slip underlay is the best non-slip underlay in the world for preventing rug slip on wall to wall carpeting (fitted carpeting).  Our non slip underlay adheres firmly to your rug and carpet to prevent slipping and bunching of rugs. Anyone who has had a trip or fall from crinkled or missplaced rugs will recognise the importance of a well set rug on carpeted floors.

*Place the underlay white side down facing the carpeted floor; then place the rug on top of the gray side. 

If you are tired of adjusting and fixing rugs that move and warp on your carpets then Carpet Factory non slip rug underlay is the most reliable and best solution on the market. 



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