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presto plus bright coloured plain carpet tiles

PRESTO PRO PLUS Carpet tiles with bright colour tile highlights.

Presto Pro Plus carpet tiles with coloured highlight tiles.

Vivid bright coloured highlights can bring attention to your company logo and corporate colours. Add hotspots to your store and draw your customers in with an inviting stripe or arrow or highlighted area that catches your customers eye. 

Pleas note: Due to the cost of custom manufacture, Highlight (red, blue, green, purple, or orange carpet tile colours) are only available with purchases of Charcoal Grey or Jet black Presto Pro Carpet tiles. Add up to 5% highlights to your order. 

Call to discuss stock availability and options. 

presto plus green lime carpet tilepresto plus orange carpet tilepresto plus purple carpet tile

presto plus red carpet tilepresto plus sky light blue carpet tilepresto plus red blue green orange purple bright colour rainbow carpet tile banner

Presto PLUS Orange carpet tile 03Presto PLUS Red carpet tile 05Presto PLUS Purple carpet tile 04

Presto PLUS Blue carpet tile 02Presto PLUS lime green carpet tile 01 Presto pro Jet Black 10

Presto pro plus multi coloured carpet tilesPresto pro plus multi coloured carpet tiles 2Presto pro plus multi coloured carpet tiles 3




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