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wholesale cheapest hybrid flooring why pay more


New 100% waterproof’ hybrid long board click flooring is the ultimate alternative to laminate floors. No more bubbling veneer laminates or shrinking top layer generation one hybrids. This is the latest technology in hybrid flooring with the wood design layer attached directly to the stone composite core, not a cheap unstable dry back vinyl plank glued to white pvc core like first gen hybrids that were prone to failure. Plus the high density premium odor free underlay is included free.

Bestfloor Hybrid Click flooring bests competitors in so many ways.

– Thicker & stronger 

– More robust wear layer for longer life


– Higher density BPA free underlay included.

– Up to 70% cheaper than competitiors produce.

– Indoor air quality certification

– Easy click lock install

– XL Longboard  is Longer wider boards gives the opulent luxury appearances of the finest timber flooring.

– Easy clean surfaces

– Heel resistant

– 30 year warranty*

– DIY friendly

– Prime grade timber colours available – looks just like the most expensive timber flooring on the market.

– Will not delaminate or blow out when totally submerged in water, even after several months.

– Unlike laminates Bestfloor has the potential to last a lifetime.

– Pet friendly


Why pay more for 3mm or 4mm floors when you can get superior quality 7mm Hybrid floors for wholesale price. Easy DIY click install and can be scored and snapped with just a utility knife, safety glasses and the bare minimum of tools.

wholesale best hybrid flooring cheapest hybrid flooring

New XL LONGBOARD in stock now!!! Extra long and wide ultimate hybrid flooring in premium quality. 

Wholesale Australian classic Blackbutt XL Boards (Coastal Blackbutt) Ultimate Hybrid 7mm click flooring with free underlay. In store today!!!

More colours also available…


banner ultimate best luxury vinyl plank blackbutt black but butt light timber best colour


 More colours in store while stocks last*

 hybrid bespoke oak grey cheapest best hybrid floor hybrid australian coastal blackbutt grey cheapest best timber hybrid waterproof floor laminate hybrid spotted gum australian coastal cheapest best hybrid waterproof flooring hybrid ultimete vinyl click flooring classic oak free underlay wholeasle cheapest

Total thickness is 7mm for solid click and superior feel underfoot. Come and see it in store today, You will not be disappointed.   

Boards are super wide and super long for the latest elegant timber flooring style.

Colours include spotted gum, blackbutt and grey bespoke oak. All knot free designs for that prime grade look of the most expensive timber flooring for the cost of a budget laminate.   

All our hybrids are latest generation Stone Composite, not the cheaper WPC with a laminate veneer or the highly unstable vinyl plank stuck to pvc composite.


 Bestfloor Hybrid   Review 10/9/2019

“The best hybrid I have ever encountered and installed. The locking system is the best….  Plus it is weighty and solid to walk on after install. Not noisy and hollow sounding like other Hybrids. We also find lots of chipped and faulty boards in other brands of hybrids. This flooring is strong and solid with great QC. The quality is clearly superior and the price is much less than we have paid in the past for lower quality.

Highly recommended. We will be buying again…” 

Pat  – Builder Installer


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