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Hybrid flooring cheap wholesale!

Hybrid SPC stone plastic compostie or WPC wood plastic compostie for project and builders.

The new influx of click hybrid spc flooring has hit the market with gusto.

However with the premium Luxury vinyls on the market is there a need for this floor in homes.

Hybrid flooring is a sorely needed replacement for poor quality laminates that perish easily with even the slightest contact with water and often contain volatile air toxins as bonding agents.

However with the common trend for new homes to have slab or yellow tongue sub-floors, it is really not always necessary to float a floor anymore. Especially if the slab sub-floor is nice and flat. 

Considering the flexible and non click nature of of luxury vinyl and most new homes having relatively even sub-floors, we believe hybrid style floating floors to be more suited to older homes with floor boards that might require mdf underlayment to level the floor. It can also be cost effective if concrete subfloors require feather finish or mild self leveling floor preparation and concrete screeds.  Hybrid flooring is easy DIY and more forgiving on less smooth surfaces, therefore allowing big savings on floor preparation and labor. 

Usually colder (SPC) and louder than Luxury vinyl and requiring expansion beading around the walls, Hybrid floors are not always the first choice for a good clean sub-floor.

Luxury Vinyl planks could be considered also and perhaps the winner in that race depending on the situation and also who you ask. 

(Please note: we manufacture a high grade 7mm hybrid flooring and have had great reports on how quiet, stable and solid it feels on the floor. We shoud expect this as we manufactured ti higher specifications and with better underlayments attached)

However where Hybrid flooring really shines is on older floorboard floors where slight unevenness may be an issue, or on slightly uneven slabs where perhaps tiles have been removed and the floor grout etc ground flat.

In this case the floating and waterproof/ water resistant nature of some hybrid floors can really have a cost and finish advantage. 

If you are interested in hybrid flooring for your home or commercial space or a recommended alternative, why not call us for a chat about solutions.

We stock a very high quality hybrid floor that builders praise as being the best click style hybrid to install and cheaper than they have installed to date. 

For large scale project flooring contact us about super deals on custom flooring for any need.




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