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Flooring Ideas: Carpet tiles with vinyl planks and tiles.

When choosing carpet tiles for your flooring needs you may also be interest to hear about our resilient loose lay vinyls that can join seamlessly and at the same height of many of our carpet tile products.

When planning your carpet tile arrangement, you may decide you want an extra heavy duty slip resistant hard floor in designated areas. Loose lay vinyls are 5mm high and sit extremely well with most loose lay carpet tiles without the need for trims or bars between the two types of flooring. So if you require areas of the room to have a smoother finish, a totally water proof area or just a more resilient floor or walkway, ask about our loose lay luxury vinyl flooring options to compliment your carpet tiles.

Our loose lay vinyls are designed fit flush with most our modular carpet tiles to create a stunning trim free finish. Perfect for kitchen dining areas or heavy traffic areas in retail stores. Loose lay is also popular for gym flooring and commercial spaces where the strongest scratch resistant flooring is a must.   

See our luxury loose lay vinyls here.








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