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Exclusive Cushioned Carpet Tiles – “Ultra tile – Jet 08”

For the ultimate in comfort:-

Commercial grade carpet tiles with cushioned comfort Supersoft backing. Suitable for commercial and domestic use, where the perfect combination of durability and comfort is paramount.    


Product: Ultra Tile                         Colour: Jet 08

Ultra tile is dimensions Length 500 x Width 500 x Height 8-10 mm multi leevel loop(10.5mm max height)

These tiles can be laid in various configurations.


The recommended and most popular configurations is shown above.

Glue less install is possible in wall to wall and framed configurations. For heavy use and commercial specification the tile can also be glued for added stability. This is especially recommended in areas where wheelchairs trolleys and other heavy equipment are used.  

Including the cushion comfort soft backing, the tile is 10 mm in thickness proving to be the most comfortable carpet tile style on the market.


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