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New Ultratile MATRIX 10mm Ultimate cushion comfort carpet tiles.

New Matrix UltraTile is double cushion / double thickness cushion back carpet tile in durable commercial nylon for super stability and higher fire rating/resistance. 

The double cushion backing is great for people on their feet all day and provides additionally comfort to staff in commercial spaces or in homes for domestic installs. The resilience of nylon also allows better bounce back elasticity and crush resistance than other plastic and synthetic yarn.

In store at wholesale prices!!! Up to 70% off some retail margins.

Ultra Tile construction is generally considered the best quality and construct of carpet tile on the market.

banner the ultimate cushion back carpet tile the best carpet tile you can buy

With eco friendly cushion back and impervious inner core, Ultra Tile is super comfortable on your feet while also being highly water resistant in areas where spills and water are likely.

The matrix design is also well suited to laying linear to achieve a virtually seamless look if required. This is an uncommon feature of most carpet tile designs as they often show up the seams too much if laid in linear pattern.

Please note… Arrow imprints have been made on the back of the tiles to ensure installers can lay the tiles with the pile all running in the same direction or as required by designers or the client.

matrix ultra tile virtual seam less seamless see no joins carpet tile

The 10-11 mm max thickness of this tile provides economical cushion comfort in an eco friendly all in one carpet tile solution.  Building in the underlay to the tile creates comfort not dissimilar to commercial carpets on high grade commercial underlay only in a more economical and environmentally friendly manner. Because no additional underlay is required you also save on the extra labor and material cost of added underlay to achieve a comfortable feel under foot. 

The modular tile can also be easily replaced and repaired in heavy ware areas and places prone to damage or abuse.

Call for stock levels today.   Come and see them in store today. You will not be disappointed. 

 *please note we do not use inferior “PET” yarn in our carpet tiles. PET is low cost but with terrible durability and really not economically friendly as PET surface/pile yarn can be ruined in months even in light duty situations. Matrix Ultra tile jet 99 is 100% nylon pile.  

*virtually seamless look can show up more seams when new and will generally settle in better with time and general use.of the floor.

*Please note: tiles need to be pushed tight to achieve virtually seamless look.

*Area may require non critical light to achieve virtually seamless look and seamless look is not guaranteed in any way by the manufacturer or supplier.

*Virtually seamless look is due partly to the care and skill taken in installation. Installer needs to inspect seams for acceptability during install and may need to shuffle tiles if seams are too apparent.

Note: virtually seamless layout may show seams in areas of critical light or after new installs. Greater care is required in installs to achieve best resilts. Image is for demonstration purposes only. Please test and inspect linear layout before installing and choosing this method. Checker board layout the most common and successfull layout style for most carpet tiles. 


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